Hydrangea 'Tuxedo Lacecap' (PBR) | Hydrangea Macrophylla

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It's the foliage of the 'Tuxedo' hydrangea, which is the real hero.  The deep purple-black flushed leaves, will make anyone do a double-take and also means this variety looks brilliant in the garden, even when not in full flower.  The rosy red flowers appear early Spring, covering most of the mounded and compact plant.  Adding a cupful of garden Lime around the plant if your soil is acidic, will increase the redness in the flower.  A low pH of under 6 will increase the redness.  This striking and showy plant will make a statement wherever you place them, on patios, in mixed containers and even indoors in a decorative pot.

Botanical Name
Hydrangea Macrophylla
Growth Expectancy
1m H x 1m W
Water Smart  No
Indigenous No