Mexican Bush Sage | Salvia Leucantha

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Salvia Leucantha, an evergreen perennial, features fuzzy white stems, grey-green leaves, and velvet-like purple flower spikes. This tough and wind-resistant shrub blooms in late summer, reaching its peak beauty in early autumn.

For optimal growth, plant it in well-drained soil with full to partial sun. Ensure proper spacing and enrich the soil with organic compost.

To care for Salvia Leucantha, water regularly without over-soaking the soil, apply balanced fertilizer in spring, and prune in late winter. Adding mulch around the base conserves moisture and reduces weed growth.

This low-maintenance beauty is perfect for effortless landscaping.

Botanical Name
Salvia Leucantha
Growth Expectancy
1m H x 1m W
Waterwise Yes
Indigenous No