Japanese Sago Palm | Cycas Revoluta

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Not a palm, but looks like one. In fact an ancient plant from Japan and Taiwan. A lovely and very popular cycad that is often used in landscaping due to the drama and perfection that it adds to any garden. Marvelous to see the young leaves unfurl as soft and later becoming sturdy. It may flower as it gets older. There are male and female plants. The male produces a cone at the centre and the female produces a mass of orange woolly seeds after fertilisation. These lie open at the centre of the plant.  Protect this plant from the hot afternoon sun and place it in a warm, light spot.  Only feed the plant when new leaves develop. Keep the compost moist but not wet. Can be grown indoors.

Botanical Name
Cycas Revoluta
Growth Expectancy
1m - 2m H x 1m - 2m W
Sun / Semi - Shade
Water Smart  Yes
Indigenous No