"We absolutely love this online service! It has made gardening that much easier because we can browse online, while walking around the garden and planning the layout and plants required, which is much easier than being in the actual nursery and trying to imagine what the plants would look like in the garden.
The online team communicated with us frequently to let us know what was out of stock and when it would be next available.
Thanks team"
- Hugh Kirby
"What an incredible business, I ordered a Palm tree through Cape Garden Online but then emailed to see if they had any bigger options. A few emails later they had sourced a bigger Palm and had it delivered two days later! The Palm was much bigger than expected and in beautiful condition. The quality of the plant and size is far better then your local suppliers." 
- Daniel Rubin
"I absolutely love how easy the site is to use! It is so well organized, with quality pictures and additional information on every single plant. I was just thinking by myself how much I enjoyed this site this afternoon - before I even saw the competition! Online plant shopping is usually a tedious exercise of endless scrolling, but the sections on your online website just make it so effortless!! I am particularly a fan of the "Plants by Purpose" section, because it expands my landscaping imagination! Totally a favourite for me from now on, because it is certainly more than just a website for me."
- Simone small