Sand Buchu | Agathosma Glabrata

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This is an attractive, single-stemmed shrub with a round and dense habit and it is bright and colourful when in flower. It produces masses of mauve, purple, white or pink flowers displayed in clusters. This is a real eye-catcher in the garden and also reveals a sweet lemon scent when leaves are crushed. The essential oils that are extracted from the leaves are used medicinally for their antiseptic and diuretic properties. They look beautiful in a mixed fynbos bed when combined with plants such as Erica (Sugarbush) and Leucospernum (Pincushion)and Coleonema (White Confetti Bush).

Botanical Name Agathosma Glabrata
Growth Expectancy
0.5-1m H x 1m W
Water Smart  Semi-Water Smart
Indigenous Yes