Plant herbs for you and the bees

Did you know:

Honeybees are the most important pollinators of food crops in the world!

An estimated one third of the food we eat on a daily basis are dependent on pollinators – mainly by bees.

But as important as our small, winged friends are, their numbers unfortunately keep on dwindling - mostly due to a lack of flowering plants in our gardens.



You can encourage bees to visit your garden (even if it is just a garden in pots), in a few ways, one of which includes planting bee-attracting herbs.

This list includes:

Sweet basil, bergamot, catmint, French thyme, lemon balm, borage, mint, cotton lavender and lavender. 



Prepare a small herb garden, preferably as close to the kitchen as possible.

Alternatively, plant them between the rows in the vegetable garden to help keep your crops healthy and pest-free (companion gardening).

Start with herbs you are familiar with and use regularly in the kitchen - you can always expand your collection later.


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