Bring Style & Elegance to your garden with WROUGHT IRON pieces

When it comes to garden design, we aim to achieve harmony in our outdoor spaces through the right balance between elements of earth, rock, wood, metal, and greenery.

The blend of these natural components helps create a functional space that feels serene and complete. It not only boosts the curb appeal of your property, but also encourages one to spend more time outdoors.

 If you’re looking to recreate a sophisticated, timeless and decorative outdoor environment, wrought iron pieces can complement your existing greenery beautifully and add a significant amount of perceived value to your home.

 At the end of the day it’s these finer details that really give one’s home its individual character and provide the finishing touches - to give your garden a certain look and feel.


Wrought iron pieces are a popular design element in garden landscaping these days and have many uses:

~Act as a beautiful statement piece (a stunning gazebo, arch or pot ladder)

~It can support plants' growth (rose pillars, arches and trellises)

~Used for practical and functional reasons (table and chairs, bench and rack for pots)

~Or can even be used where garden space is limited and vertical gardening is practiced (brackets for hanging pots and plants against walls)


 Furthermore, wrought iron is incredibly durable and pliable material and are a great choice for outdoor furniture and products.

It especially looks fantastic as decorative features in formal, structured gardens - beautifully used in combination with topiaries, standards, roses and lavender.

But the possibilities are endless when it comes to wrought iron – use your creativity and let it work for you!


Spoil yourself and visit your favourite Cape Garden branch to view our impressive selection of wrought iron products for your garden.

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