Gardening in April & May

Gardening in April & May | South Africa

It is that time of the year  when your raincoat and gumboots move closer to the garden door. 

April still has beautiful and pleasantly sunny garden days to prepare your garden for the colder months. This is your last chance to plant, fertilise and prepare for winter. 


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  • Broad beans, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, peas,  beetroot, winter variety lettuce, spring onion, and spinach These can be planted in containers. View our selection of wooden  herb planters online.

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It is also a good time to plant new hedges now. Popular options include Buxus, Abelia, Duranta, Camelia, Freylinia, Viburnum & Nandina. Also Citrus, conifers, all deciduous trees, azaleas, camelias and climbers

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Trim lavender for spring flowering, ensuring that you do not cut into hardwood

  • Trim hydrangeas, salvias, buddleja and euphorbias - again not cutting into the hardwood
  • In May divide strappy-leaved plants such as agapanthus, clivias and liriopes if they look messy.  This is a good time to dig them up, divide them and replant them
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  • Add Pine mulch to beds to reduce the weed growth and keep the soil warmer.
  • Treat the soil around your hydrangeas (Christmas roses)  now if you want to change their colour. Buy Wonder Shake ‘n Grow Blue Hydrangea Food and Wonder Shake ‘n Grow Pink Hydrangea Food:


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