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Liquidmaber Tree

The autumn season is yet again on us!

It's a season that brings about many changes in the garden and the changing colours of the leaves of many deciduous plants, the most visual.

 This spectacular natural phenomenon brings a bright and colourful element in the garden, and trees like Birches, Oaks, Maples, Planes and Poplars provide beautiful interest this time of the year.

So many gardeners have a dislike in deciduous trees, preferring to plant evergreens because they do not make a mess. But how misinformed!

In reality, deciduous trees shed leaves annually for a six to eight week period. Evergreen trees on the other hand, shed their leaves all year round, requiring raking on a continuous basis.

Furthermore, deciduous trees let in much needed sunshine in winter, where evergreen trees often create too much shade for many plants to be able to survive under their drip lines, especially in winter.

 So when choosing a tree for your garden next time, remember the benefits of deciduous trees and just think how your garden can be transformed with beautiful, bright autumn shades this time of the year!

  Featured deciduous tree:

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Liquidambar styraciflua (Sweet gum/American sweet gum)

Gardens which rely on autumn foliage for colour and interest will be at their peak by next month. Spectacular autumn colours in hues of yellow, orange, red and maroon will be seen everywhere.

If your garden does not have such an element yet, you can strongly consider purchasing a Liquidambar this season.

Liquidamber Tree

 This tall, upright growing tree will not only provide you with the most beautiful autumn colours and a stately shape, it is also worth mentioning that this tree is unique in their adaptability to a range of climatic zones.

They prefer deep, rich soils, but can also endure damp or waterlogged growing conditions.

Plant your tree in full sun and stake if it’s planted in a very windy area.

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Liquidamber TreeLiquidamber Tree Liquidamber Tree


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