Cut watering by up to 50% with WaterWise 3D

Waterwise® 3D (soil wetting agent) is a brand new product from Makhro Home & Garden; available at all Cape Garden branches @ from R89.95 (1L).

Have hydrophobic soil* in your garden?

(*extremely sandy soil = "oily soil", with poor water holding / penetrating capacity)

Water doesn't want to penetrate the soil properly, and just stay in the top layer of the soil, or simply just sits on top of the soil?

Then this product​ might just be your solution!

Soil wetting agents are the perfect solution for problems gardeners face during periods of heat and drought, and importantly, when doing all we can to conserve every drop of water.

Wetting agents and surfactants are used in many everyday products, such as cosmetics and household cleaners.

They are designed to reduce surface tensions in liquids and other materials, to allow the product to spread uniformly over a surface.

When applied to irrigation water for lawns, gardens and pots, surface tension is reduced allowing water to penetrate and spread evenly over surfaces and within soils and other growing media.

Waterwise® 3D is a highly effective and eco friendly wetting agent, which will increase water penetration and retention, and will reduce water runoff and evaporation, allowing for up to 50% savings in applied water.

In a nutshell:

*Improves water penetration into soil

*Reduces evaporation

*Improves soil water retention

*For use on lawns, gardens, trees and pot plants

*Lasts up to 60 days

*Deeper and denser root growth is encouraged when using Waterwise® 3D, so that less frequent watering is required

*Waterwise® 3D is fully biodegradable

*Not harmful to earthworms and aquatics


Dilute 200ml of Waterwise® 3D with 10 litres of water.

Apply with a watering can to up to 20 sq meters of surface area. Apply water as normal.

*For consistent optimum results, see specific dilution directions recommended on back of product.

*To view the test Cape Garden (together with Wilmar Burger from Makhro Home & Garden) performed - to see with our very own eyes how this product really works - visit Cape Garden's Facebook page and click on videos.

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