Opt for DROUGHT TOLERANT options when shopping for new plants in SEPTEMBER!

August 20, 2019

Spring has sprung! It’s a new, exciting season in the garden.
When visiting your favourite garden center this month, strongly consider adding some water wise plants to your shopping trolley!
Water wise FLOWERING plants:


Water wise flowering plants are hardy and tough and don’t need as much water and maintenance as other, more sensitive types.


Once established, these plants survive on minimal water and tolerate hot, dry conditions.


One of the easiest ways to save water in the garden is to go indigenous:

Plant proudly South African gazanias, wild garlic, arctotis, felicia and bright and beautiful vygies!






Some Mediterranean plants like rosemary, thyme, Pelargonium peltatum, olive trees, Agave geminiflora, Salvia leucantha and lavenders are also good additions to the water wise garden.


All of them love dry and hot conditions and you will appreciate their good looks when other heat-tender plants look tired and wilted.




HERBAL greys:


Some of the best herbs have silver, grey, or greyish green leaves which makes them tough.


Not only do they add beautiful colour contrast in the veggie and flower garden; these herbs mostly have a strong flavour for cooking and are also able to repel pests efficiently.


Add these to your waterwise herbal garden:

lavender, santolina, curry plant, artichoke, sage.






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