Camellia: Planting & Care

Camellias are at their most beautiful this month and the temptation to take one home is not easy to resist! eventually succumbed to the temptation:

...You bought yourself a beautiful (full in flower) Camellia, but now not entirely sure how to look after it?

Well, it’s important to know that Camellias flourish in rich, well-drained soils with a slightly acidic pH value. They prefer to be planted in dappled shade or in a south-facing position.


Plant your Camellia directly in the soil or it can also be grown successfully in pots – where the acidity of the soil is also easier to control.

Firstly, dig a nice deep, square hole and add a bag of acidic compost and a handful of bone meal to the hole and the existing soil. Mix thoroughly through.

Create a small planting hole in the center of the prepared soil just large enough to fit the root-ball of the plant. Carefully remove the container from the roots

Place the plant into the hole and firm down into position.

Water the plant well, immediately after planting.


Remember that if your young plant produce an abundance of flower buds, it is advisable to remove every second bud in order to promote better quality blooms. It also assists in not placing too much pressure on the plant to try and sustain an over-abundance of flowers.

After transplanting your prized Camellia into its new home, you can apply a product such as Starke Ayres ”Acid loving plant food” at budding stage, to correctly adjust the Ph level of the soil and to provide necessary nutrients.

(Photos: Cape Garden)

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