Step by Step: How to create a succulent birdbath

If you have a birdbath that's out dated, broken or just needs some jazzing up, why not plant some succulents in it?!

Here's what you'll need for this project:

  • An empty bird bath

  • Succulent soil

  • Your choice of succulents (eg. Sempervivums, Echeveria and Sedums)

  • Optional: Stone

  • Drill

This is what you'll do:

1. First drill a hole at the bottom of the birdbath for drainage.

(Having at least one drainage hole is crucial! Succulents don't like their feet to be standing in water!)

2. After the drainage holes are made, add the soil. It's best to use succulent soil (or a mixture of river sand and compost - ratio: 3:1) to ensure good drainage takes place.

You can mound the soil in the middle to create some height, if preferred. (especially if using low growing succulents)

3. You can now start to plant your succulents. Have at least one larger succulent, 2 or 3 medium size ones and a few smaller ones. Plant your fine Sedum to the front - to softly cascade over the edges of the birdbath. You can add some bone meal at the root level of each plant to encourage root development.

4. Add some stone in between your succulents - especially nice to fill those open gaps while your plants are still young and small.

And viola`! An instant water wise feature for your garden!

5. Remember to water your succulents directly after transplanting them.

6. Aftercare: Remember to never give water when there's still enough moisture in the soil...succulents don't appreciate it being over watered!

....Let us know if you try this out! We would love to see it!

(Photos shared from Succulents and Sunshine)

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