Water wise Winners!

With more and more gardeners wanting to be more sustainable these days (as water is getting more scarce, a greater need for wildlife in your own outdoor space, and water bills rising...just to name a few), it has become the norm to think twice before planting anything in the garden. There's a definite shift towards the inclusion of more drought tolerant indigenous plants in our gardens these days, as well as other water wise plants - such as those from the Mediterranean regions and those from the succulent and cacti category. Gardeners realize that by incorporating plants that are better adapted to cope with warmer and drier conditions (as the climate continues to change), we can do our bit

How to protect your garden during a HEAT WAVE

*When to water *Keeping roots cool *Minimizing heat stress.... Cape Town has been hit with a few heat waves this summer already, but it's not only humans and pets who get uncomfortable during these high temperatures. Prolonged high temperatures also bring a lot of stress to gardens, but luckily there are a few things you can do (and avoid doing) to help your plants beat the heat! *Photo: www.nevadatreem.com When to water: Try to water first thing in the morning. (Seem like a chore? Keep in mind that a walk around the garden before heading to work can really clear the head!) An early soaking will keep the soil cool as temperatures rise. It will allow plants sufficient water to get through t

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