TIPS for the garden in SEPTEMBER

September has arrived and spring is in the air! So much happens in the garden during this beautiful time of the year. Gardens are filled with flowers this month - as blossom trees burst into bloom and carpet the ground underneath with petals! The air is filled with the beautiful scent of Chinese jasmine and with the warmer temperatures coming, some gardening tasks doesn't seem so challenging anymore! Watch out for certain insects this month, spend some time weeding the garden – so it won’t get the best of you later this season, and don’t forget to fertilize! UNWELCOME INSECTS: As all the “re-growth” for the new season starts, you will notice an increase in insects (not the "gardener's friend

Opt for DROUGHT TOLERANT options when shopping for new plants in SEPTEMBER!

Spring has sprung! It’s a new, exciting season in the garden. When visiting your favourite garden center this month, strongly consider adding some water wise plants to your shopping trolley! Water wise FLOWERING plants: Water wise flowering plants are hardy and tough and don’t need as much water and maintenance as other, more sensitive types. Once established, these plants survive on minimal water and tolerate hot, dry conditions. One of the easiest ways to save water in the garden is to go indigenous: Plant proudly South African gazanias, wild garlic, arctotis, felicia and bright and beautiful vygies! Magnificent MEDITERRANEAN: Some Mediterranean plants like rosemary, thyme, Pelargonium pel

TIP when planting a Tree this Arbor Month

September is National Arbor month - an opportune time to call on all South Africans to plant a tree! Not only does being surrounded by beautiful trees bring calm, peace and tranquility; these living monuments clean the air we breathe, provide us with oxygen, cool down temperatures and provide a habitat for all sorts of garden visitors. *Visit Cape Garden to find the best tree for your garden! When planting a tree this Arbor month, make sure not to plant your tree too deep. Remember to always make sure that no part of the main stem of your tree is covered by soil. Symptoms of trees planted too deep: *Reduced growth rate *Dwarfed leaf size and/or defoliation *Yellowing (often mistaken for po

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