Struggling with soil erosion in a windy / sloped garden?

Are you perhaps one of those unfortunate gardeners that struggle with a sloped garden? Or do you live in an area that receives a great amount of wind? Then topsoil erosion is likely a huge problem! Erosion of soil in the urban garden is mostly caused due to the presence of slopes. Simply put, soil erosion occurs when water (rain or irrigation) washes away the topsoil, but also by strong winds, as it removes the top layer of the soil over time. But why is this necessarily bad? Through soil erosion, essential nutrients are removed from the soil, water systems get blocked, tree roots get exposed and soggy/swampy conditions can in some cases also occur. Please tell me there's good news!! Fortuna

Planting trees in times of drought

Tree loss in times of drought is a very costly problem: not only in expensive tree removal, but also in the loss of ALL the valuable benefits trees provide! Our trees not only provide an immense range of health, energy, environmental, and economic benefits, but also play a very important role in managing and reducing drought. The idea that gardeners should not invest in watering and planting trees and shrubs during times of drought, is a misconception. …Trees and shrubs CAN be responsibly planted and maintained during drought. Did you know: Young, newly planted trees require much less watering compared to lawns; and provide so much more advantages! Trees, especially drought-tolerant, indigen

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