Gardening with Indigenous Plants

Our plant of the month is an old indigenous favourite – the ever so popular Plumbago; this month we would like to focus on gardening with indigenous plants. Many reasons have been put forward for the ‘new’ approach to gardening with indigenous plants in South Africa. Many believe we should use the wealth of flora on our doorstep to create something unique and South African, as well as to enhance what we already have. Many indigenous plants are also water-wise. And with water concerns these days, it seems like the wise thing to do - as many indigenous plants are adapted to grow in areas with a low annual rainfall and indeed need little water. Indigenous plants attract birds to the garden to f

Tips for the sustainable use of water in the home and garden

WATER.....There is NO alternative....(let this sink in for a while) Everyone is aware of the current water shortages right through our country, and if you haven’t already changed your daily behaviour and routine regarding water use in general, you need to start doing it today! Remember that even if your water savings are small, every drop counts at the end of the day! It’s every proud South African’s duty to make a personal effort in conserving and saving water.....and it starts in your very own home: TIPS for the SUSTAINABLE USE of WATER in the HOME AND GARDEN: BATHROOM: 1. Shower, instead of bath. You will save up to 400 litres a week! 2. If you need to bath, use the least amount of wate

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